Bynum School provides effective, quality programs and services to students from preschool through adult by differentiating instruction and actively engaging students in learning activities. Bynum School provides a safe, nurturing, and productive educational setting for children and young adults who are faced with special challenges. Each student is a valued individual who is able to learn skills appropriate for his or her unique abilities.

Each student is assessed to prepare an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) that identifies specific objectives to target each student’s needs. Placement of students depends upon age and individual needs. Programs at Bynum School also develop each student’ self-esteem and life skills by building on each student’s strengths and successes.

An essential component of programs at Bynum School is Community-Based Instruction (CBI). CBI offers opportunities for inclusion throughout the community at different venues. The purpose of CBI is to transfer knowledge of skills learned in the classroom into the community setting.

Students learn best when active participation is part of the education process. Bynum School delivers programs and services that actively engage students based upon Individual Program Plans. Bynum School recognizes individual learning styles. Learned skills are practiced in a community setting, and goals are evaluated by frequent and accurate assessments. Students access technology using Smart Boards, iPads, and computer workstations.

Additional strategies that Bynum School incorporates into programs at all levels include integrating Music Therapy and Speech Therapy.

Cooperation between parents and staff provides consistency in expectations, disciplines and rewards. Positive relationships and mutual respect among students, families and staff promote success and build self-esteem in students.

Bynum School is the only public or private school that offers an uninterrupted continuum of services for ages 3 through adult.

  • Bynum School
  • 8404 West County Road 60
  • PO Box 80175
  • Midland, TX 79708
  • P: 432.520.0075
  • F: 432.520.0076