The Stories

When Evan’s parents brought him to Bynum School, they reported only wanting someone to love their child and to take the time to tend to his needs. They thought that learning something along the way would be great, but they could not see beyond Evan’s lack of eye contact, repetitive speech, and limited interaction with others. Evan is starting his fifth year at Bynum, and his parents have much to celebrate and much to expect for Evan’s future. They’ve learned that a student with high functioning autism can make real progress, and they are hopeful that Evan may one day live independently. The right therapies and one-on-one instruction have made a big difference. Evan can carry on a conversation, looks you in the eye, and he is working on grade level. Evan’s parents describe Bynum as an answer to prayer.

Diagnosed with severe mental retardation at age six, Kara’s parents were never ready to give up on her and, thankfully, Kara has never given up on herself. When Kara’s parents brought her to Bynum School years ago, someone told them, “If children can’t learn the way we teach…we need to teach the way they learn.” In her twenty-six years at Bynum School, Kara has worked with caring staff, teachers and therapists who have helped her to realize that promise. Kara has found her plan and purpose. Working in the greenhouse, crafting ceramics, serving as a volunteer in the food bank, and just being a member of the Bynum community, Kara demonstrates that children with special needs can become adults who contribute in their own way, with their own hard won skills and talents, to society at large. We are blessed that Kara came to Bynum School, for we have learned much from her.

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