Frequently Asked Questions About Bynum School

Is grant money available for families who need tuition assistance?

Yes. While Bynum School does not offer full tuition scholarships offered there is some financial assistance is available. Parents must meet eligibility criteria after completing the student grant application process to determine financial need.

What methodology does Bynum School use in the classrooms? 

Bynum School’s programs are based upon individual student needs. Teachers use multi-sensory learning, positive reinforcement, and behavior modification. All of our classrooms enjoy small student-to-teacher ratio.

Will the credits earned at Bynum School transfer to the public schools? 

Yes. Bynum School is fully accredited by the AdvancEd Gobal Commission and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

How is Bynum School funded? 

Bynum School’s funding comes from student tuition payments, private trust and foundation grants, various fundraising events and gifts from individuals and corporations.

Is it possible for me to make a tax-deductible gift to Bynum School?

Yes. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has designated Bynum School as a charitable organization under Section 501(c) (3). Your gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

How long has Bynum School been open?

Bynum School was established in 1984. We celebrated our 36th anniversary in 2020.

What are long-term plans for Bynum School?

The Board of Directors adopted a strategic Plan for 2017-2021. The plan updated the mission, vision and values. The five goals adopted by the Board include: providing effective programs and services, creating a comprehensive marketing plan, building new facilities, recruiting and retaining qualified and effective teachers and staff, and developing resources.


If your question is not listed here, we would be happy to answer your question in person. Please visit our campus, call 432-520-0075 or email