Admission to Bynum School’s preschool program is open to all children beginning at age 3.  Preschool develops life skills and academic skills through play and the introduction of curriculum that will be used throughout their education at Bynum School.  Students experience learning through play, blocks, manipulatives, paint, sand, water, dramatic play, books, music, circle time, and centers.



The elementary program at Bynum School engages students in the learning process by active participation.  Classes are focused on academics, social skills, life skills, communication and behavior strategies.  Learning is enhanced through community-based instruction which reinforces classroom objectives and focuses on teaching students skills across different environments. Activities may include delivering Meals on Wheels, collaborative activities with peers from Trinity School, and visits to museums, movie theaters and restaurants. 


Students in the Junior High and High School programs continue developing skills identified through IPPs.  Core academic subjects are highlighted while daily living skills are incorporated into the schedule which includes personal hygiene, laundry, cooking and on campus job training.  In high school, students may begin job training through the vocational program and will begin preparing to meet requirements for graduation.  Secondary students extend learning opportunities into the community through delivery of Meals on Wheels, volunteering at the Petroleum Museum, budgeting and shopping for groceries, and dining at restaurants.  Students participate in tone chimes, partner with younger students in art class and are leaders on campus.