Stories of Love

Meet Samuel
Sammy & Mom.jpg

     Before attending Bynum School, Samuel attended a day habilitation program that was overcrowded and understaffed. An incident arose that resulted in Samuel being hospitalized, and that was the last straw – we knew we had to make a change.

     And boy, are we glad we did! Samuel and our family alike love Bynum School. Samuel will always require 24/7 supervision and assistance with daily living. Bynum School is a safe, stimulating environment with people who are kind and patient. Samuel has become more active and animated, and we can tell he is happy. Samuel gets annoyed whenever I pick him up early for a doctor’s appointment – that’s how I know he loves Bynum School!

     One challenge we anticipated when we enrolled Samuel at Bynum School was the tuition cost to attend the Adult Day program. However, we have been blessed with tuition assistance funding from the school, which makes the cost affordable for our family. If I could choose any day program in the entire country for Samuel to attend, I would choose Bynum School. It’s a state-of-the-art facility staffed by caring professionals with many years of experience, and the love of Christ is evident among teachers and staff.

     The teachers of the Adult Day program and Mrs. Ermunda have so impressed me with how they have worked at getting to know my sweet son Samuel. He can be a puzzle, but they have been so patient and persistent. My hope is that he will always have Bynum School as his day service provider.   -Shannon, Samuel's Mom

Meet Justice

      When Justice hit the fifth grade, the gap between him and other students began to seem greater than ever before. With such large classes at his old school and an academic gap becoming more evident, we felt that Justice was being left behind. Justice was struggling with his friendships, and there was poor communication between the administration and us when dealing with behavioral issues – we felt it was time to make a change.

      Bynum School has been the change that Justice needed. The small class size is a huge benefit. Justice is getting the one-on-one instruction and because the classes are so small, the teachers have the ability to plan more effectively to meet Justice where he is and help him grow. The added therapies have been a great bonus as well – his confidence and engagement have soared because of programs like adaptive P.E., music therapy, and Mneme therapy. Since beginning at Bynum School, he is communicating more, he is being pushed academically, and he is loved and accepted for who God created him to be. We feel such relief, joy, and peace knowing that Justice is at Bynum School.

      Our family loves that Bynum School take a holistic approach to education. He is receiving academic instruction paired with self-care and community experience. We feel that work in all these areas will help him to be more independent and will eventually help him get a job in our community.

      The thing we love most about Bynum School is the staff. From the first moment we walked into the school, we felt welcomed. We felt Justice was valued, and it is evident that each person who works at the school cares about the children and wants to do their best to help them.