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Since 1984, Bynum School has provided an exceptional educational environment for individuals with disabilities as young as three through adults. Bynum School currently serves 123 students in the Permian Basin. Bynum School’s Preschool-High School Program, accredited by Cognia, helps students grow in academic, life, social, and behavioral skills.

Bynum School also offers a Vocational Program for adults and teens with special needs by providing individualized educational and independent life skills training. Its Jobsite Training Program has successfully led many students to become productive citizens working in the Permian Basin community.

Brenda and Travis Stice

Bynum School is a blessing to our family. For almost two decades, Bynum has been a place that gives Matthew purpose and meaning in his life. Surrounded by the most amazing people, Matthew is cared for and loved unconditionally. As part of the adult program, Matthew can be just that, a young adult trying to be the best version of himself!  We love Bynum School! 

Kim Quintero

I highly recommend anyone who has a child with special needs, don't wait. This school has so much to offer including therapy that fits each one of their needs. Not only do they offer all the resources you could possibly think of, but they offer love, and you can see and feel it.

Katie Wilson

We chose Bynum because we want our child to feel just as loved, supported, and encouraged at school as he is at home. His happiness and achievement mean more to us than anything. 

Juliana Chavez

We have gained many benefits as a family by having Noah at Bynum. One is the therapy he is provided to target his specific needs. Another is the experiences he gets to have on very well-planned field trips. Third, and most importantly to us as a family, is Noah's comfort and peace of mind in an understanding and safe learning environment.  The teachers and entire staff make it their mission for your child to reach educational goals and skill development.


With God’s grace, Bynum School, remaining committed to the ideals of dignity and respect, will provide personalized educational programs to meet the academic, behavioral, and vocational needs of individuals of all ages with special needs.


We imagine a safe and productive learning community where individuals of all ages grow together and work together to serve God and benefit others.

  • Motivate

  • Innovate

  • Nurture

  • Dignify

  • Respect

  • Accommodate

  • Collaborate

  • Celebrate

  • Implement effective human resource practices

  • Structure governance to effectively provide direction to Bynum School and to support administrators

  • Manage development efforts to meet program requirements and budget goals

  • Plan for growth to meet the needs of the Bynum School service area

  • Manage finances according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to ensure sustainability

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