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Are you interested in enrolling your child at Bynum School? Please complete and submit the Bynum School Inquiry form below.

View the 2024-2025 Process!

An automated confirmation response will be generated and sent to you within 48 hours. 

You will begin receiving emails from Bynum School, prompting you to indicate your continued interest in our school by responding accordingly. 


**Wait List – 

Currently, due to limited capacity for enrollment, all inquiries are placed on the waitlist as prospective candidates for Bynum School. 


Prospect – 

Should we foresee enrollment availability for your student, you will receive an invitation to engage in a conversation with the Director of School Programs and participate in a parent meeting and a tour of Bynum School. 

At the conclusion of the tour, you have the option to schedule a complimentary trial day even though this is mandatory, it does not guarantee enrollment. 


Pending – 

If it is determined your child will benefit from the programs and services at Bynum School, we will extend an enrollment offer. 


Enrolled – 

Successful completion of the enrollment process is a prerequisite for your child's attendance. If you require a student grant, the grant application will be filled out during the enrollment process. 


*Be aware the waitlist operates differently from a conventional numeric list, taking into consideration classroom availability and student needs. 

With a remarkable student retention rate, Bynum School stands as a testament to the continued satisfaction of our families. This limits our ability to provide a specific time estimate for enrollment. 

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